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How I feel about Klaine right now:





Kurt and Blaine can have problems. That’s fine. Relationships need ups and downs, especially on television. But lately, I feel like Klaine’s relationship is completely unbalanced and unhealthy. It’s always Kurt attacking Blaine, and it actually hurts me to watch.

Kurt doesn’t want to live with Blaine. He’s not willing to share space with Blaine. He’s not willing to work on their problems. He refuses to talk about what’s bothering him when he thinks Blaine is smothering him, and when he’s mad at Blaine for watching porn. Both times he gets mad and refuses to communicate. He stands Blaine up, doesn’t apologise, and passive-aggressively pretends nothing is wrong. He says they talk too much, blows off Blaine’s suggestion to talk about their problems, but then berates Blaine for not talking to him. He doesn’t comfort Blaine when Blaine finally opens up to him, but is confused why Blaine wouldn’t talk to him (after telling Blaine not to talk). There was no discussion, once again. Nothing was resolved.

Most importantly, Kurt doesn’t see anything he’s doing as wrong. After their literal fight scene, he asks Blaine “What was that about?”, as if Blaine was the one instigating the fight. And again, Glee spun the scene to say Klaine’s problems are about Blaine’s insecurities. Glee tells us that Kurt is the victim of Blaine’s smothering and Blaine’s need to be “the alpha gay”, but never shows that Kurt has done Blaine wrong, too. Kurt is the biggest problem in these arguments, and neither he or Glee are acknowledging this.

Kurt always thinks he’s right, and Blaine is fighting with a wall. There’s literally nothing he can do to get through to Kurt - not even tears - and you can see it’s killing him. Kurt just stands there, stares him down, and doesn’t communicate.

I love Kurt. I love him, I love his personality, I love the way he loves Blaine. I have no idea why he’s doing this, but they both seem so unhappy. If he’s still punishing Blaine after a year, something is wrong. I haven’t seen Kurt love or care for Blaine since 5x14, not once. I haven’t seen any actions from him that show he loves Blaine.

What’s happening is killing me, because nothing is being fixed. There hasn’t been resolution. I don’t want to be mad at Kurt anymore, but Glee is giving me nothing about his thoughts and behaviour at the moment. All I can see are his actions, and he’s so cold towards Blaine. That isn’t a relationship I can happily support.

This. Exactly the reason why every time I think I might start watching Glee again, I change my mind. I checked out that scene from tonight’s episode, and I literally cringed.

Love that when Blaine brings up the competition between them, Kurt claims it’s never been a competition—when Kurt is the one who began the competition in the first place back in Season Three (“You don’t know what it’s like being YOUR boyfriend.”).

This, and the blatant disregard for pre-established characterisation and backstory.

All of this. And it will never be acknowledged because of Glee’s deeply shitty writing. No thanks.

I love Kurt. I love him, I love his personality, I love the way he loves Blaine. I have no idea why he’s doing this…

at least part of the problem is chris. even when blaine is breaking down in front of him, he never softens. the writing is awful, as usual, but imo chris doesn’t play kurt as in love with blaine, or even liking him all that much.

beyond that, yeah, the way they’re written currently has them a completely dysfunctional mess. at this point i actively want them to break up. it’s sad.

Can I just say something really quick? Of course. x


but um….

"I think we talk too much!”


"Next time you’re going through something like this, you have to be honest with me."


the hotter Chris Colfer gets to me, the more i seem to dislike Kurt Hummel. or maybe it’s just that it’s hard for me NOT to see how much Chris is over the whole Klaine storyline.


"you were really coming at me like you had something to prove"


really kurt

blaine was coming at you

Person: Hey Ryan, it looks like the fans love the show in New York-
Ryan Murphy: Yeah we're not gonna do that anymore.
Person: ... okaaay... but they love it.
RM: I'm bored with this. Anything else?
Person: ... okay. Well, the fans really love the smaller cast-
RM: Double it.
Person: Wait... no-
RM: Triple it. In the final season. Everyone who's stepped foot on our set should come back to the show for the final season.
Person: I don't think you understa-
RM: la la la la la next comment.
Person: Fine. Klaine is the most popu-
RM: Give them as many problems as possible. Every conversation should be a fight or related to a fight.
Person: Won't that upset people?
RM: Just have them say sex at the end of it. Or kiss or something. They'll forget aaaaaaaaaaall about it.
Person: I don't really th-
RM: Are we finished? Yes. I'm done here.




Neil Patrick Harris | Vanity Fair May 2014 Issue

I mean, hot damn.

I have no words…

Damn, Doogie





Neil Patrick Harris | Vanity Fair May 2014 Issue

I mean, hot damn.

I have no words…

Damn, Doogie


#you haven’t felt true crushing hopeless pain from a television show until you’ve watched kings


In all seriousness, though - Jack Gleeson did an amazing job at portraying such a hateable character. From what I’ve seen of him in interviews, Joff is his polar opposite in every single way, so it goes to show the talent Jack brings to the role. Since he’s retiring from acting after GoT, I just wanted to say how pleased I am with his work on the show.